If it’s treats you’re looking for, I’ve got them. Inspiration for your next baking project? Here’s to hoping 🙂 Stories about major baking blunders? Trust me you’ll find ’em. Posts celebrating other people’s works?  For sure! A light read on a lazy day? You’re in the right place.

So take a browse through the blog! Inspire yourself by checking out my portfolio! Read about other bakers on Baker Stories! Whatever you do, remember to have a good cake day!!! Go on treat yourself 😉

What some have said about my cakes

  • Your cake and cupcakes went down with a bang! Delicious!! I thank you an so did A’s mum. She loved the cake and we finished everything today!! She said I should extend her regards!!


    Birthday cake and cupcakes

  • Thanks for the cupcakes! The guests enjoyed them!


    Ankara cupcakes

  • OMG Nelllllll omg That’s sooo cool.


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